Painted warp imagery – Kathie Roig

Nancy Smith Kilkenny interviews Kathie Roig, a weaver specializing in painted warp imagery and draw loom weaving.  I talk about the summer hiatus and when a weaver should use “the good stuff.” WeaveCast summer challenge.

Interview and audio editing

Nancy Smith Kilkenny

Painted Warps – Mollie Freeman

The April Fool’s episode. I introduce the virtual WeaveCast guild, discuss a painted-warp sample swatch, interview talented fiber artist Mollie Freeman, play the soon to be classic hit “Painted Warp” as performed by Dave of Chub Creek, describe a shearing gone hilariously awry, and air a Canadian folk song performed by the group Straw Into Gold, founded by Nandine Saunders, The Singing Weaver. All the great weaving content you crave, with just a touch of whimsey…

Painted Warp Sample

Musical guests