Bead weaving – Claudia Chase

This episode our guest is Claudia Chase, the founder and owner of Mirrix Looms.  We talk about tapestry and bead weaving, and her journey with Mirrix.  We also discuss politics, what it’s like to hear color, and other fascinating topics.  After the interview, Claudia features in a special holiday-themed outtake.

Musical Guests

Tapestry – James Koehler

This week we chat with James Koehler, a tapestry artist who does amazing things with depth and color.  We talk about his work, spirituality and inspiration, and his upcoming gallery show that will be launched at Convergence.

Rugs and tapestry – Michael Rhode

This episode, Anna Zinsmeister brings us another great interview!  This time with Michael Rohde, a wonderful rug-weaver and tapestry artist.  He tells wonderful stories from his weaving life.

Audio recording and production

Anna Zinsmeister

Tapestry – Sarah Swett

Tapestry weaving breaks weaving out of the grid and enables the artist to create pictorial representations in swaths of touchable color. Sarah Swett helps us get our arms around this simple-yet-complex art form, and shares many of her secrets of success. In the final essay, I share lessons I’ve learned from my attempts to learn tapestry.

Musical Guest

“Shapeshifter” by Man Bites God

Weaving Community – Mary Zicafoose

Discuss tapestries and symbolism with Mary Zicafoose, whose powerful, graphical tapestries have been displayed all over the world, hear an audio essay about warping a Navajo loom from talented Texas weaver Marni Harang, and finally, contemplate handweaving community.

Musical Guests