First Warp’s Free – Syne Mitchell

Ever wonder how your donation dollars are spent? What Syne would do if the tables were turned and she was interviewed? How to get kids hooked on weaving? Why am I wearing a medival gown in public?

The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in this exciting episode…

Musical Guests

  • “If You’ve Got the Money (I’ve Got the Time)” by Merle Haggard from Roots Vol. I
  • “This Hill is Filled With Children” by David Ippolito from The People on the Hill

Weaving for Knitters – Syne Mitchell

This special episode of WeaveCast is for knitters and other prospective weavers who’d like to know more about the craft. Included are the top ten reasons knitters should try weaving, an audio loom tour, information about the different types of looms, and pointers to resources that can help you get weaving.

Fear of Warping – Syne Mitchell

In this, the first episode of Weavecast, we meet the host of WeaveCast, Syne Mitchell, discuss why the world needs a weaving podcast, decribe the format and content of future episodes, and address a concern of weavers everywhere: Fear of Warping.