Spinning art yarns – Jacey Boggs

John Acord

Jacey BoggsWe’ve got two great interviews for you this episode: Jacey Boggs, the leader of the new art-yarn movement talks about creating wild and yet structurally sound yarns, and then John Acord of Flatwater Electronics describes his new hardware interface that  breathes new life into electronically obsolete computer dobby looms.


Spinning for weaving – Judith MacKenzie

This episode we interview Judith MacKenzie about spinning for weaving, get an update on the Afghans for Afghans shawl project, learn about a new weaving currency, and I describe my own forays into weaving with my handspun.

Musical Guests

  • Etrangers “Mind Spin”
  • Clare Downing “Spinning Wheel”
  • Jon Caspi “Spin – a song for children…of all ages”