Jacquard weaving – Alice Schlein

This episode we talk with Alice Schlein, who is best known for her work on Network Drafting, but she is also an avid jacquard weaver.  Then we have a chat with Chris and Richard Jeryan, two weavers who restored a 19th century jacquard loom at The Henry Ford Museum.

Historical Weaving – Marje Thompson

When you think of weaving in colonial times, do you imagine a farm wife sitting by the fire, weaving on her home loom? Come learn the truth about weaving in early America from noted weaver and historian, Marje Thompson. Then we talk with Fireside Fiberarts a modern-day loom manufacturer who uses custom wood carvings to bring old-world charm to their looms. In the end essay, “Finishing Matters,” I talk about a little problem I’m having with my weaving, and the reason I envy eighteenth-century weavers.

Musical Guest

“Colonial Williamsburg” by Tris McCall