Painted warp imagery – Kathie Roig

Nancy Smith Kilkenny interviews Kathie Roig, a weaver specializing in painted warp imagery and draw loom weaving.  I talk about the summer hiatus and when a weaver should use “the good stuff.” WeaveCast summer challenge.

Interview and audio editing

Nancy Smith Kilkenny

Drawloom weaving – Joanne Hall

Ensemble member Anna Zinsmeister interviews Joanne Hall about swedish looms and draw-loom weaving.  And Rose Meacher tells us the story of what the Weaver’s Guild of Greater Baltimore is doing to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Audio Interviewing and Editing

Anna Zinsmeister

Anna was able to take the workshop with Joanne Hall (and thus arrange this interview) with help from others.  She received a grant from HGA, the Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant, as well as a gift from Russell Groff.  She would like to express her thanks.