Spinning art yarns – Jacey Boggs

John Acord

Jacey BoggsWe’ve got two great interviews for you this episode: Jacey Boggs, the leader of the new art-yarn movement talks about creating wild and yet structurally sound yarns, and then John Acord of Flatwater Electronics describes his new hardware interface that  breathes new life into electronically obsolete computer dobby looms.


Computers and weaving – Jannie Taylor – Marg Coe

This episode we talk about all the ways we can use computers in our weaving, whether we’re weaving on a computer-assisted loom, designing new drafts on a computer, or simply using it to connect to other weavers.  We chat with Jannie Taylor and Marg Coe, and then WeaveCast heads out of the studio to the John C. Campbell Folk School, where we visit Mousetown.

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  • Kate Jantz-Koprivnik (Jannie Taylor’s interview)
  • Jennifer Jordan (Marg Coe’s interview)

Weaving Electronics – Laura MacCary

This episode, we explore the synthesis of handweaving and electronics. We’ll review an automated pirn winder designed by John Stegmuller, talk with Laura MacCary, an innovative weaver who weaves electronic components that interact with the viewer. Finally, I’ll describe an unexpected lesson learned from weaving on a computer-controlled loom.

Detail of Connection, a collaboration of Laura and Lawrence MacCary

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