Sell your weaving – Sarah Pilgrim

The bright and shiny new year is often a time for making resolutions.  Is one of yours to finally get serious about selling your weaving?  If so, I’ve got a treat for you.  Sarah Pilgrim, a talented and successful Montana weaver is our guest this episode and one of the main topics of our conversion is how to sell handwoven items, online and elsewhere.  After the interview I’ll come back with this episode’s audio essay: Fear of Finishing!

Musical Guest

Josephine with “Unfinished Life”

Sarah Pilgrim

One thought on “Sell your weaving – Sarah Pilgrim

  1. I loved your commentary on finishing projects. I get really excited about new projects and start something new before I have completely finished the last. It is sort of like the process is the fun part and even though I care about the end product and that is kinda the point, the idea of starting something new is more exciting then the dreadful finishing.
    However, like you said when I do sit and finish things up I feel so accomplished and productive and that is a good feeling. So I have to be very disciplined and try not to let the pile of unfinished projects get to high.

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