Weavecast is my labor of love. I started it on a lark, inspired by great knitting podcasts like  KnitCast and CastOn. At first the show had only two listeners, and I’m pretty sure one of those was my mom.

Over time Weavecast found its audience, delivering tens of thousands of downloads, and winning grants from the Seattle Weaver’s Guild and the Handweavers Guild of America.

Better still, it helped many of weaving’s masters to share their voice on the Internet, spreading weaving advice and stories about their creative journey to the world.

This is important work. They say that every time an elder dies, a library burns to the ground. Some of the voices you’ll hear on the show are, sadly, no longer with us. I like to imagine their interviews here as a few pages, saved from the fire.

Once upon a time, I asked for listener donations and sold ads to support the show. Now, happily, I have a well-paying job at Google. I’ve also found ways to make hosting the show less expensive. So this one’s on me. Ignore the calls for donations and enjoy the stories.

I can’t promise to go back to a monthly cadence. I have a full time job, a family I love to spend time with, and art I need to create to fill my soul.

But I do promise to go back to the studio. There will be new episodes. I have several interviews recorded that I’ve never published. It’s time for those stories to be set free.

Happy listening,


23 November 2015