Weave structures – Sharon Alderman

Happy Thanksgiving! This episode we catch up with Sharon Alderman and talk to her about her book, Mastering Weave Structures, her philosophies about weaving and some of the amazing projects she’s worked on.

Rugs and tapestry – Michael Rhode

This episode, Anna Zinsmeister brings us another great interview!  This time with Michael Rohde, a wonderful rug-weaver and tapestry artist.  He tells wonderful stories from his weaving life.

Audio recording and production

Anna Zinsmeister

Drawloom weaving – Joanne Hall

Ensemble member Anna Zinsmeister interviews Joanne Hall about swedish looms and draw-loom weaving.  And Rose Meacher tells us the story of what the Weaver’s Guild of Greater Baltimore is doing to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Audio Interviewing and Editing

Anna Zinsmeister

Anna was able to take the workshop with Joanne Hall (and thus arrange this interview) with help from others.  She received a grant from HGA, the Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant, as well as a gift from Russell Groff.  She would like to express her thanks.