Weaving Traditions – Sigrid Piroch

Slovak Apron from Sigrid's CollectionThis episode we’re talking about weaving traditions, both cultural and personal. We’ll hear from Viridiana Chavez in Oxaca, Mexico talk about Zapotec weaving traditions. Sigrid Piroch tells us about Annie Albers and the Bauhaus movemont, and shares her experiences with Sloviakian textile traditions. Rebekkah of Bowerbird Knits tells how weaving on a bead loom connected her to the tradition of man-made art. In the ending essay, we’ll discuss personal weaving traditions, and why sometimes, it’s good to break them.

Musical Guests

  • “Oca la Mujer” by Karisma de Montes
  • “Czardas” by Blue Jar

Weaving Electronics – Laura MacCary

This episode, we explore the synthesis of handweaving and electronics. We’ll review an automated pirn winder designed by John Stegmuller, talk with Laura MacCary, an innovative weaver who weaves electronic components that interact with the viewer. Finally, I’ll describe an unexpected lesson learned from weaving on a computer-controlled loom.

Detail of Connection, a collaboration of Laura and Lawrence MacCary

Musical Guest