Monster Wefts – Bonnie Tarses

Join us for an ever-so-spooky Halloween WeaveCast. Listeners tell us their tips for sleying a reed and share weaving horror stories. I interview talented weaver Bonnie Tarses about “easy ikat” and “horoscope weaving.” The Green-Room Players (plus Bruce!) bring you Buffy, the Reed Sleyer (with apologies to Joss Whedon). Then we end it all with “Monster Wefts” a blood-curdling tale of weaving mayhem.

Musical Guests

First Warp’s Free – Syne Mitchell

Ever wonder how your donation dollars are spent? What Syne would do if the tables were turned and she was interviewed? How to get kids hooked on weaving? Why am I wearing a medival gown in public?

The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in this exciting episode…

Musical Guests

  • “If You’ve Got the Money (I’ve Got the Time)” by Merle Haggard from Roots Vol. I
  • “This Hill is Filled With Children” by David Ippolito from The People on the Hill

Timely Weaving – Jane Patrick

Finding time to do the things we love is often a challenge. Join us on an exploration of how to do exactly that: we speak with Jane Patrick, author of Time to Weave, a book filled with easy and quick weaving projects that can be done in mere hours, not days; listen to a loom’s lament, and brainstorm ways to get more weaving done. Other highlights: a tribute to Ralph Griswold, dryer balls, blantant bribes, and pleas for help with the upcoming Halloween episode.
Time to Weave

Musical Guests

Download “Braided Candle Wrap” an extra Time To Weave project (Only available on WeaveCast, with permission from Jane Patrick and Interweave Press. Thank you, Jane!)