Painted Warps – Mollie Freeman

The April Fool’s episode. I introduce the virtual WeaveCast guild, discuss a painted-warp sample swatch, interview talented fiber artist Mollie Freeman, play the soon to be classic hit “Painted Warp” as performed by Dave of Chub Creek, describe a shearing gone hilariously awry, and air a Canadian folk song performed by the group Straw Into Gold, founded by Nandine Saunders, The Singing Weaver. All the great weaving content you crave, with just a touch of whimsey…

Painted Warp Sample

Musical guests

Weaving for Knitters – Syne Mitchell

This special episode of WeaveCast is for knitters and other prospective weavers who’d like to know more about the craft. Included are the top ten reasons knitters should try weaving, an audio loom tour, information about the different types of looms, and pointers to resources that can help you get weaving.

Teaching Others – Judith Mackenzie

This month we talk about the joys and practice of teaching others to weave. Joining us is Judith Mackenzie, an amazing weaver and educator. I describe a swatch using many different types of yarn in the warp, share a cautionary tale for pregnant weavers, and relate a heart-warming story of my own experiences in teaching weaving.

Kai's Blankie