Sell your weaving – Sarah Pilgrim

The bright and shiny new year is often a time for making resolutions.  Is one of yours to finally get serious about selling your weaving?  If so, I’ve got a treat for you.  Sarah Pilgrim, a talented and successful Montana weaver is our guest this episode and one of the main topics of our conversion is how to sell handwoven items, online and elsewhere.  After the interview I’ll come back with this episode’s audio essay: Fear of Finishing!

Musical Guest

Josephine with “Unfinished Life”

Sarah Pilgrim

Spinning art yarns – Jacey Boggs

John Acord

Jacey BoggsWe’ve got two great interviews for you this episode: Jacey Boggs, the leader of the new art-yarn movement talks about creating wild and yet structurally sound yarns, and then John Acord of Flatwater Electronics describes his new hardware interface that  breathes new life into electronically obsolete computer dobby looms.


Bead weaving – Claudia Chase

This episode our guest is Claudia Chase, the founder and owner of Mirrix Looms.  We talk about tapestry and bead weaving, and her journey with Mirrix.  We also discuss politics, what it’s like to hear color, and other fascinating topics.  After the interview, Claudia features in a special holiday-themed outtake.

Musical Guests

Polyester – Holly Brackmann

Polyester is cool, find out why.  We chat with Holly Brackmann, weaver and surface designer, about devoré and transfer printing with disperse dyes on man-made fibers.

Musical Guest

John Gilliat, “Nylon Heat”

Painted warp imagery – Kathie Roig

Nancy Smith Kilkenny interviews Kathie Roig, a weaver specializing in painted warp imagery and draw loom weaving.  I talk about the summer hiatus and when a weaver should use “the good stuff.” WeaveCast summer challenge.

Interview and audio editing

Nancy Smith Kilkenny

OSLoom – Margarita Benitez

This episode we talk with Margarita Benitez about OSLoom, an open-source jacquard loom initiative.  She’s looking to make jacquard weaving affordable by creating open-source plans that you can use to build your own loom!

Tapestry – James Koehler

This week we chat with James Koehler, a tapestry artist who does amazing things with depth and color.  We talk about his work, spirituality and inspiration, and his upcoming gallery show that will be launched at Convergence.

Ply-split braiding – Linda Hendrickson

This episode we chat with talented artist and teacher, Linda Hendrickson about tablet weaving and ply-split braiding, two off-loom ways to interlace threads in interesting patterns.  And with ply-split braiding you can even create three-dimensional vessels.

Audio Editing

Jessica Madsen

Kumihimo and Peruvian braids – Rodrick Owen

 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru and BeyondThis episode we chat with Rodrick Owen about kumihimo and Peruvian braids.  If you’re not familiar with kumihimo, it’s a Japanese style of braiding that creates beautiful and strong braids.  The most common form of kumihimo is woven on a marudai, essentially a small round table with a hole in the center.

Audio editing

Ruth Temple

Ecclesiastical weaving – Mary Louise Van Dyke

This episode Nancy Smith Kilkenny brings us a wonderful story of Mary Louise Van Dyke, and the paraments she wove for the Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin, OH.  We also hear from Alision Ricker, the sacristan charged with conserving and preserving those paraments.

Musical Guests

Interview and Audio Editing

Nancy Smith Kilkenny